The Architecture of Bart B. Vista

ABBV+A architects

To an architect, his profession is a calling.

More than just a career; a redefinition of self. Not just a practice; but a way of life.

Not simply a job; but a state of being, not just a function; but a permanent, lifelong commitment. Not a temporary style of service; but an identity.

Not just a role, but a deep driving passion.

About ABBV+A Architects

Architect Bart B. Vista specializes in professional services that merge the 3 disciplines of Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Landscape Architecture resulting in a single project of Cohesive Design.

His main thrust focuses on high-end residential projects as well as selective commercial developments and interior design projects.





Architecture & Landscapes

People often search for a design that has an architectural facade which represents how they see themselves or how they would like to be perceived. But they also appreciate that an architect-designed home should not only have their desired facade but a home that has a point of view, a purposeful floor plan and pleasing proportions.

I focus on these client’s needs and aspirations by listening, understanding and intimately creating a home that exceeds their expectations. It is a formidable task of translating something intangible (the person’s ideas and thoughts) into a breath-taking and meaningful reality (the finished product).

The emotions they wear on their sleeve, the fabric that clothes their ideas, I translate all these self-expressed needs into a creative, evocative, and eclectic home that exemplifies imagination and originality. I listen to understand the client, I strive to become them.

In the end, the architecture of the home should always reflect the very character and inner soul of the occupants.


Interior Spaces & Experiences

A finished product is always beautiful to the owners but may not necessarily be appealing to others. I do not expect to design residences that are liked by everyone; those are known as mass housing projects wherein buyers have no choice but to accept the given design of the developer.

When I bring other prospective clients to a completed residential  project, they may somehow remark, it’s not my style and it does not suit my taste. It then dawns upon me that I was a success, because the house was not intended for these prospective clients; it was solely intended for the occupants of the house.

“I don’t divide Architecture, Interiors and Landscape.
To me, they are all one…”
– Architect Bart B. Vista


“…we also engaged Bart for our retail shop at The Curve, the brief again was to create an unique wine cellar cum Wine retail shop. The end result was so amazing as we had people from Singapore and elsewhere complimenting us on the design and layout of the shop.

If you need an Architect who can understands the climate and the local conditions dont look further, call Bart.”

Thomas Guldimann

“As a Philippine licensed Landscape Architect practising my professional services within the Asian region, I had the opportunity of closely working with Architect Bart Vista. I’ve seen his strength in creative design and project management and his originality and inventiveness in fusing functional landscape designs into his architecture; an advocate of inside-out and outside-in concept. To him, the gardens must at all times perfectly fit the architecture and vice-versa.”

Joaquin Rodriguez

“Bart B. Vista is the quintessential gentleman architect. Understanding client needs through proper planning and following through by paying attention, even down to the smallest of details.

He is an architect that any architectural photographer here in America would love to have as a client.”

Charles Davis Smith

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